Trading Oz for Hogwarts

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I'm a 22 year old from Perth, Western Australia. I've just completed a course in Production Design for Film and Television.

This blog is my film and television portfolio, travel journal, craft projects tutorial, and also details the lead up to, and all my adventures after, my move to London.

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  • I decided to try my hand at a simple makeup style, and I’ve always admired Katie Noonan’s makeup from the music video for her song ‘Page One’. In the music video, her cheeks are a lot redder than they are in this reference photo, and I put some lipstick on because I look like a corpse without it. My laptop doesn’t do my eye makeup any justice, and my actual camera is refusing to co-operate. Basically, it all looks much better in the flesh. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out though, and it was pretty quick and easy.

    I hadn’t done anything crafty in a while, so I decided to make my some kanzashi sticks for my hair. I had some spare, unused bamboo chopsticks from a local noodle bar, so I painted them with acrylic paint and nail polish, then tied on some silk threads, and attached some beads to the ends. They were super easy to make, and they make your hair look amazing with very little effort. They tend to work better when you haven’t washed your hair, as the natural oils help to keep your hair all together. 

    I think I have become one of those Australians, that once they’ve moved to another country, develops an unhealthy amount of nostalgic national pride. I never used to care that much about sport, but now, whenever the Dockers, Western Force, Wallabies or Socceroos play, I find myself extremely invested in the outcome of their games. I also have an Australian flag hanging from the curtain rail in my bedroom, which is something I would never, ever have contemplated doing back home. I think I’m my own worst nightmare. Anyway, here is a picture of me being a bit shamefully patriotic. Apologies in advance.

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